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Rocks Off | Ass-Berries Raspberry

Rocks Off | Ass-Berries Raspberry


Ideal for beginners Ass-Berries provide juicy fun for your bum! These discreet yet perfectly formed berries make an ideal toy for your fruitiest moods. Produced using our own IntraMed material Ass-Berries are hypo-allergenic for your safe play. Supplied with the legendary RO-80mm bullet you'll be quivering like a fruit jelly... and its 100% waterproof!

Contains anti-microbial properties, keeping clean toys even cleaner!

Material: IntraMed (Hypoallergenic, CE Certified, Phthalates Free, ROHS certified)

Battery: 1 x 1.5Volt N size

Dimensions: 95mm x 35mm x 35mm æ