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LELO | Elise

LELO | Elise


An oath, a promise, sealed with a heartfelt kiss. Lelo's Elise seduces you with sleek modern style before she whispers a promise to give you life's greatest pleasures, your ultimate satisfaction.

Flaunting her ample figure and natural curved shape, this elegant vibrator vows to create incredible variety with G-spot, clitoral, and full body enjoyment.

Always eager to please, Elise has two independent motors in her base and tip, leaving her free to honor your every request for vibrations wherever and however your passions desire. With five stimulation modes, the two motors of this can work together with orchestrated synergy, or alternate in a stimulating banter of erotic delight.

Fashioned from phthalate-free silicone and ABS,Elise is trustworthy and body safe.

Always dependably quiet and lockable, her intuitive interface dial is easy to use and ideal for both individuals and couples. After a two-hour charge, the Elise delivers up to four hours of rapture and remains on standby for up to 90 days.

Packaged in a sophisticated box, Lelo's Elise comes with a lovely satin draw-string pouch, charger, manual and warranty.

So sincere in her pledge, your bond with Elise is long-lasting, and forever abiding.