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Je Joue | SaSi

Je Joue | SaSi


Welcome to a world of personalised pleasure….The closest sensation to the tip of a tongue, SaSi’s silky smooth nub moves, vibrates and pulsates at whatever speed and intensity you desire.

What if your lover always remembered what makes you feel best?

What if you had complete control?

What if your lover was discrete, quiet, the perfect travel companion?

What if your lover thought only of your pleasure, and knew exactly what to do, every time you were together? It sounds too good to be true, but meet your perfect lover, SaSi by Je Joue.

SaSi is a genius vibrator that moves and pulsates at the speed and intensity that you command, performing exactly what you need. But unlike your other lovers, SaSi brilliantly learns what makes you feel good, what sends you over the top, and remembers for the next encounter.

Even your human lover doesn't do that. Beautifully constructed, the silky phthalates-free silicone feels just like the tip of a tongue, but only whispers in a low purr. SaSi is easy to clean, lightweight, and comes with an international charger; a perfect partner for your wildest and most far-reaching adventures.

SaSi remembers what you want, and is waiting just for you.

Uniquely intuitive controls place a range of sensations at your fingertips Sleek design and a soft silicone skin make SaSi a pleasure to touch and hold Petite, rechargeable and emitting a gentle purr, SaSi is the height of discretion SafeWe only use smooth, soft 100% body-safe silicone for SaSi.

You won’t find phthalates in any Je Joue products.

CleanKeeping SaSi clean is easy. Simply unclip the case, slip off the silicone skin and bathe it in warm water and soap.

Just make sure the naked SaSi does not come into contact with water.

TravelIt takes just two hours to recharge SaSi for two hours’ use or two weeks’ standby. It comes with an international charger which, along with its weight of 142g and size (130 x 45 x 60mm), makes it the perfect travel companion.