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Je Joue | G-Ki

Je Joue | G-Ki


The form of every human body is special and unique, extraordinary in so many ways.

Je Joue recognizes these differences and celebrates that individuality with the revolutionary G-Ki vibrator.

Just like every lock has it's very own key, specially shaped to open hidden doors and reveal secret places, the shape of the G-Ki can be changed to unlock the secrets to your everlasting pleasure.

Sculpted from the safest phthalate-free silicone, the angle of the G-Ki can be modified with the touch of a button to provide the exact silhouette required to free orgasmic satisfaction. The smooth rounded head yields and bends it's slender neck to create ultimate contact with the G-spot, while the strong base fits snug against the clitoris.

Created for the enjoyment of both women and couples, this shape-shifting toy can function solely as the perfect G-spot stimulator, or it can be adjusted to provide simultaneous stimulation to the clitoris as well. This ingenious vibrator provides eight different positions, and features five levels and five patterns.

After hours of pleasure, the G-Ki is easily restored by cleaning with soap and water, and attaching the magnetic clip to recharge. You'll be so glad you found the G-Ki. SafeWe only use smooth, soft 100% body-safe silicone for G-Ki. You won’t find phthalates in any Je Joue products.

Clean As G-ki is waterproof, keeping G-Ki clean is easy; simply bathe it in warm water and soap

Travel It takes just two hours to recharge G-Ki for two hours’ use or two weeks’ standby. æ