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Fun Factory | Share - Stubs

Fun Factory | Share - Stubs


Shared passion is double the passion! With the double dildo éSHARE‚ couples can share thrilling moments and soar together into exquisite heights of ecstasy.

The soft high quality silicone makes insertion and stimulation a sensual and easy experience.

SHARE‚ is the toy for the active woman, who knows what she wants - to give love and share passion.

STUBS are made of 100% silicone! They are flexible yet firm, gentle to the body, easy to clean and hypoallergenic. Whether cooled or warmed, in the bathtub or on terra firma - diverse stimulation is guaranteed.

FF Texture: Smooth and silky

(2) A softer finish gives this a more tender feel, without the addition of a noticeable surface.

Special Features

* comfortable handling

* good hold

* vaginal and anal stimulation

* easy to insert

* pleasures the active and passive partner simultaneously

* scooped base provides hold without reducing necessary freedom of movement

* strong, natural shape

* suitable for harnesses Lengths of inserted parts active part: 3.4 inch passive part: 6.3 inch ø Toy tip active part: 1.5 inch ø Toy tip passive part: 1.38 inch

Using with Nomi Tang & Nomi Prolong brings maximum pleasure !