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Fleshlight | Original Lady

Fleshlight | Original Lady


Arguably one of the most well known and sensational male masturbation products on the market, the Fleshlight is a stroker with a hard plastic case made to resemble a flashlight, with a soft, skinlike insert for an incredibly realistic feeling.


This smooth textured insert is a realistic recreation of a woman's vagina.

The picture below shows the smooth interior.

The Fleshlight cases rigid construction allows it to be placed for handsfree use in a variety of places - between a mattress, pillows, couch cushions, almost anywhere imaginable.

The removable open-ended insert can be taken out and rinsed to clean, and once dry, can be slipped back in for the next use.

The end of the fleshlight features a special endcap that can be twisted open or closed to vary natural suction as the user moves in and out.

A high quality toy that has become a popular bedroom favorite for many satisfied users, the Fleshlight also makes a fun partner toy when used for handjobs!

All Fleshlights come with a free sample of ID Lubricant to get started right away.

Color: Pink, Shape: Vagina / Lady Type,

Masturbator Material: Plastic, Real Feel Super Skin (r), Length: 9 3/4in (25cm), Insertable Length: 9in(23cm), Circumference (case): 11 1/2in(29cm), Weight: 1 lb, 6 o (in package) æ