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Flat Back Male Torso

Flat Back Male Torso



Flat Back Male torso based on our original male RealDoll where you get all the fun without the extra weight.

Just like our male dolls, this flat back torso has ripped abs, an improved interchangeable penis system and anal entry.

Each Flat Back Male torso comes with 1 detachable penis of your choice from our standard line of sizes.

The flat back torso comes standard in medium skin tone, shaved (no pubic hair). Add pubic hair for an additional USD$50. Change skin tone for an up-charge of USD$50 if you like.

You can even add additional penis attachments (standard USD$99/ea) or (Ultra-Realistic USD$199/ea).

The Male Flat Back torso weighs 35lbs with a flat back (no buttocks) and is designed to be used on a flat surface like your bed, a table or the floor. It measures approximately 27" in length, 19" wide at the shoulders and 5 1/2" deep at the chest.